As a well experienced registered dietitian, you are guaranteed a high quality, friendly and confidential service. The consultancy includes treating adults and children with a range of nutritional and/or medical conditions.
A personalised nutritional consultation based on individual needs is provided and the following areas reflect my expertise:

Food dietary analysis

  • Weight loss management
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Diabetes management
  • Maternal nutrition
  • Food allergies
  • Healthy eating for children
  • Weaning and fussy eaters

Initial appointment includes

  • One-to-one consultation
  • Review of medical history
  • Completion of a 3 day food intake diary
  • Assessment of nutrient adequacy of current diet using a nutritional software programme
  • Evaluation of nutritional status
  • Individualised tailored advice
  • Literature on aspects of diet and nutrition to take away
  • Body composition test is useful if you are aiming to lose weight, increase muscle or improving sport performance. The test is completely non-invasive.

Corporate Services

  • Offering individual consultations and/ or group sessions
  • Providing nutritional presentations and /or workshops
  • Provision of healthy eating materials
  • Advising on canteen menus

Follow-up appointments provide

  • Progress review
  • Discuss challenges / targets / issues
  • Set-up of any new objectives

Referral criteria

Referrals are accepted from consultants, GPs and health professionals. Self- referrals are accepted, if seeking advice on general healthy eating, disease prevention, weight management and medical conditions where diagnosis has been established.
Please note your GP may be contacted with your consent after the consultation and in some cases may require to be contacted prior to the meeting. This will always be maintained under strict confidentiality at all times, and records are kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).
Prior to booking an appointment you will be contacted to discuss your nutrition and dietetic requirements, to establish if it is appropriate to proceed with a consultation.

Additional Services

  • Group education sessions
  • Corporate presentations
  • Educational program for nurseries, schools and colleagues
  • Feeding adjustment behavior clinic for children with eating problems
  • Body composition analysis